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Our Work

Lashes Foundation is only a few months old, and already we've raised a fantastric amount of money. From charity football matches, to raffles, Lashes has already started using the funds to help people in the community - just like Evie did

Here's an example of some of our projects and grants beneficiaries.

Please look at our latest news pages for an update on. what we have been up to supporting people in the community.

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Supporting Safe Houses

The Lashes Foundation has provided a local Safe House with shopping vouchers to support families who come to them over the festive period so they can make sure they can have a meal over Christmas.


SupportingTeam Elsie

Helping Elisie with the funding for a new specialised wheelchair to make her life more comfortable and accessible 

Team Elisie.jpg


Safe Oxygen Tent

Supporting a local child who's has significant health problems and now needs ongoing oxygen. We have hoped with a safe bed so that the child no longer needs to sleep with the parents for safety and help towards the increased electric bill which the parent was worried about 


Helping a child with significant trauma

With the support of Lashes the child can now have professional support to help deal with past trauma and hopefully start putting a smile back on his face 


For all of our latest grant updates ...

We always update regularly on the grants we give in our news section,  so you know how we spend the funds that ar raised and all of your generous donations 

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