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2024 - where has it gone ?

Wow - how time has flown by !

As we approach the halfway stage of the year ! (where has the time gone ?) - Just a quick update on what we have been up to since the start of 2024

188 Grant requests received in 2024 – that’s an average of more than one a day

£37,400 awarded in grants so far in 2024.

It’s now over £170,000 of grants given since we started the foundation

2024 Highlights:

  • 72 grants relating to hardship

  • 58 grants for mental health support of which 32 of these were to help children.

  • 15 grants for people who have suffered domestic abuse

  • Support towards 14 specialist wheelchairs / pushchairs / equipment

  • We have supported 6 community clubs and societies

  • And we have supported 5 Schools

A BIG thank you for your continued support and belief on what we are doing.

Without you we could not help as many people in the community.

Thank you !

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