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703,000 steps in 30 days for the Lashes

A big thank you to Owen Hardwick who is planning to do 703k steps in 30 days to help raise money for Lashes. Thank you for all of your support Owen

Link below if anyone is able to support Owen and also Lashes

" Hi everyone, I am Owen, last year I did a fundraiser in dedication to my Auntie who we sadly lost from cancer, to raise £1400+ was a great achievement, and I always knew I wanted to do another one this year. I will be setting off on this challenge in April once again from April 1st to April 30th.

In 2023, roughly 703,000 people lost their lives to suicide worldwide, with 5980 of them being in the UK. Every step taken in April is dedicated to someone who lost their life to suicide, and every £1 raised is dedicated to someone who lost their life to suicide in the UK. I know it is ambitious to raise £5980 but I really hope this story gets out there to people and the money raised will be there to help improve lives.

Lashes Foundation was a no brainer when I decided to do this, a local charity dedicated to Evie Wilson, who lost her life at 13. Seeing how much the Foundation provide for people to improve their lives and find a way out, just made it a no brainer for me. On a personal note to why this means so much to me, last year I was extremely lucky not to join the number of people who lost their lives. I will always be extremely grateful for the support I had from my friends, family but also the professional help which changed my life for the better.

Sharing this fundraiser and any donation big or small will make a massive difference to this cause. "

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