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Evie Day 2022 - Thank you !

Well where do we start ! Thank you to everyone of you that came or supported the Evie day on Sunday 10th July. At the last count we estimate around 2,500 of you lovely people attended throughout the day... wow.. just wow !

The idea of Evie Day was also to give something back to the people in the great community that we live in. The great news is that we estimate that Lashes will make over £6,000 to put towards great causes but also as important to us, is that local organisations and clubs like the youth club, cricket club and local businesses who attended will also have benefited which was our aim. Next year as word gets out we would also like to help more local people and clubs as well which for us, and Evie, is what it's all about.

Thank you to Kelly and Emma who were the driving force around the day and also a massive call out to our trustees and all our many volunteers who helped us leading up to the day, and on the day itself. No way can we do anything like this on our own and the great support we have for lashes means we can pull on that support for the wider community as these events are by nature very tough to put on (and upfront costs are high) but we did it !

Here are some pictures from the day. Thank you all again. xx

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