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Its been a busy month helping others...

It's been a busy month since our last update helping others in the community. We continue to be overwhelmed with your support but this helps us continue to help others in the community. Here are some of the people we have be able to support..

A rare fun day for students

We have been able to provide the funding for an away day for disadvantaged students. These children very rarely get to go places and along with the school we have been able to support a day at Alton Towers for them.

Calm and relaxing space in a challenging environment

We have worked with a local sexual and domestic abuse centre and we provided seating for an outside garden to make it a peaceful and relaxing place for when people have to visit which can be in the most distressing circumstances

Respite away from the challenges of cancer

We have provided funding for a few days away in a caravan for a young family, where the mum who is trying to get through the challenging treatment for cancer

Help towards a dream holiday for a young girl with stage 5 cancer

We have provided some funds to help towards the fund raiser for a local young girl who has stage 5 cancer and wants to try and see dolphins. The family are working hard to raise the funds and we have made a donation to help them on the way to that dream for their girl

Helping kids take part in sport

Lashes has been able to sponsor the local Clipstone Colts teams in setting up three new U7 teams with winter gear for the children and also winter wear for the Lazio team. The Clipstone Colts do an amazing job for the kids in our community and we are happy that we can help them in support of what they do for the community

Bringing back their pride and joy to life

We have been able to provide a small grant to help an elderly couple tidy up thier garden and install a new bench. The garden was once their pride and joy but it got the better of them and was over grown so we have helped with a quick tidy up and a bench so they can go outside again to help with their well being

Supporting a young person to start up business

We have provided a small grant to a local young lady who always helps others and its everyone else first. The grant will give a her a little kick start to help set up her dream business and give her that start she absolutely deserves

Helping a local hero with his cancer treatment

We have also been able to provide a contribution towards an immense fund raising campaign for a local man in his early forties who is fighting off cancer. He is an inspiration to the community who have all been massively supporting him and the family in raising funds. Our donation hopefully helps towards the wider ongoing support for the new ways of treatment he and his young family are praying is successful

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