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Lashes HQ is officially open !

Well today is the day when L:ashes HQ is officially open ! We are so proud of the new shop with a gigantic thank you to Bev Cheesemond, the Lashes Ambassadors and everyone that has helped set the shop up and donated items so far.

Everyone has been so amazing.

The shop looks terrific and we have some lovely quality pre-loved items for sale

The new shop is also a double bonus for Lashes. Every penny raised goes towards helping others in the local community through the grants that the Lashes foundation gives, plus also people can get good quality pre-loved items at very affordable prices which hopefully will help the local community as well , in which we know are difficult times for a lot of people

Pop in and see us.. Thurs, Fri and Saturday 9-12. The kettle is always on for a free cuppa as well...

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