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Route 66 - An update on what we have been up to

Route 66…

It’s been 66 days since we last updated on what we have been up to at Lashes..

We want to say a HUGE thank you as without all of your support none of this is possible to support the community. Thank you !

In the 66 days we have received 48 grants and the trustees have agreed grants worth over £12,000 in this time

There are too many to mention individually but here are some examples of the support we have been able to give thanks to your support

- We have supported 8 young children who urgently needed mental health support

- This is along with 6 adults who also urgently needed mental health support

- We have helped cover some initial costs to set up a new community group for people with terminal illness to meet and get support

- Supported another 4 community groups with help for new coaches and vital equipment to help young people keep active and also supported the Clipstone Youth Club with High Viz jackets for the children when they take them trips

- Helped two people that were homeless and living on the streets with a contribution towards some essentials when they managed to secure a new home

- Contributed towards costs to help a family that were not able to afford to have carpets in their home. We helped carpet a room so the young child could play safely in there

- A young single mum who had been sofa surfing for a year with her young child and she managed to get a new home. We helped contribute towards a bed so the child could sleep safely

- A young boy with autism was bullied and hurt and ended up in A&E. We sent a small gift to keep his spirits up and a message of encouragement

- Through the help of local support workers we have been able to help several families who could not afford essentials like waterproof mattresses for children with health conditions

- A gentleman who lost a family member has been very ill and could not make the funeral as he could not get a loan wheelchair for many months. So we helped with the hire of one so he could use it to attend the funeral.

- Supported with some sensory toys for a severely autistic boy

- Supported a young boy with life limiting condition to have a break away with his family at a safari park to enjoy his love of animals and create memories

- Supported a young lady who has terminal cancer with a photoshoot to create memories with her family

Supported a local refuge who help people who have suffered domestic abuse with some furniture (with the support of the furniture project) to help them be able to accept more people

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