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Thank you Mansfield Hosiery Mills CC

Updated: Jun 28

Yesterday Clipstone Cricket Club were honoured to play Mansfield Hosiery Mills in the Presidents day for the wonderful Mr Stephen Brown .

The day was organised amazingly with a wonderful gesture seeing the pavilion being name after the President.

I can remember when they move and Steve was massive behind it so amazing to be named after him.

The caps and the ground looked amazing with 600 runs scored which is a credit to the groundsman. The teas and after match drinks again top class. NOW the the thanks from my family!

As most know we lost Evie coming up for 3 years and everyday is a struggle to carry on BUT we do through the Lashes Foundation and today the MHM and Brown family very humbling chose lashes for the days charity, the world of sport is a powerful thing to help and support and again the cricket community put there arms around me and my family

I will be forever grateful  Mr President- a wonderful man and a amazing family, THANK YOU -  Evie was there yesterday and I am sure she was smiling through the help WE all help & support together.

Lee Wilson

Trustee and Founding Member

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