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Update from Lashes HQ - Read all about it...

Another quick update from Lashes HQ for you to catch up over a cuppa with lots going on !

We are still overwhelmed by the support we get on fund raising. So many kind people are raising money, donating and just believing in what we are doing. Thank you

Evie Day

10th July - Clipstone Cricket Club

Please support if you can. It will be a great community day with lots of activities for everyone. Our way of also putting something back into the community

Charity of the year

We are still over whelmed by the award at Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 Business Awards. It's down to everyone one of you who support us, donate, spread the word and just believe in what we are doing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Helping Others

14 Year old finding life tough - we have supported in getting some expert advice for a 14 year old who is finding life so tough they are not wanting to be here. We are also helping the parent with some professional support as well, to hopefully help them as a family get through this hard time and see the light at the end of the tunnel

Standing proud at a funeral - following the death of a close relative, we have been able to provide a small grant to help a family who are struggling. This will help them buy new clothes to attend a family funeral so they can be proud when they say their final goodbyes

Helping a family move to safety - after over 3 being years of being in a refuge, a mother and her children can finally move to safety. With a grant and working in partnership with the Furniture Project in Ollerton, we have been able to help with some furniture to make it a new home.

Can you imagine as a 5 year old not having a birthday present ? Through no fault of the child, the separation of the parents meant that they didn't have any presents last birthday. This year is a challenge as the remaining single parent is really finding it tough, so we have provided a small grant to get the toy the 5 year old wanted (and dreamed of) and hopefully make it a birthday to remember.

When serving our country turns to hell - After serving the county in Afghanistan, a mature student who is now retraining is getting death threats due to the nature of work he was involved in. Lashes have been able to provide a great to get CCTV into their house so that they can identify the people who are terrorising them and get the police and authority support they need to live their lives in peace.

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