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What we have been up to..

Ahead of the Christmas break, we wanted to update you on some of the things we have been supporting since we last updated you just over a month ago.

Here are just a few of them…

- We have supported the purchase of a kit for local youth football team

- We have purchased essential hygiene products and new baby clothes for a young Lady who has just given birth and was recently made homeless. We also helped with some items from our pre-loved shop

- Counselling support for a 13 year old girl and 15 year old boy who are both finding it very very tough at the moment

- A family having a hard time already was made worse when the washing machine broke so we managed to help them out with a replacement

- A young lady who has stage 4 breast cancer – we have helped towards a trip with her family to make memories

- Supported a local primary school with a grant towards a scheme they are running to help more children with mental health

- We have helped a family with a device for bedtime to help monitor breathing of young son who is having seizures and epilepsy

- Provided a grant to a local rehabilitation centre to support the residents at Christmas

- We have supported Bilsthorpe BET with a grant to help them with more supplies to help local people in need

- We have helped pay the rent for the practice room for a short while for a local community choir so they can keep running

- Supported two people who both have severe illnesses with wheelchairs to help their mobility and bring a better quality of life

- We have helped a young lady who has now adopted her sisters children due to the deaths of both their parents, with help towards getting some Christmas presents for them when they move in with her shortly

- Counselling support for a young lady who recently lost her partner suddenly and is now left on her own with a young family

- A young family who have given birth to a very premature baby and were worried about when they return to home. Being at hospital everyday for a few months has impacted them hard financially so we have helped purchase a special monitor to keep the baby safe when they get her home hopefully soon

..Plus we have also helped with some weekly shops to give some people some hope for Christmas

Thank you again for all of your support. Without everyone helping us we cannot do what we do for the community.

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