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White Night - 'The Return" Ticket Details

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

White night - "The return "

VIP TICKETS are seated and priced at £30 with 2 complementary bottles of fizz


Food vendors will be with us to purchase food throughout the night!

If you are a major donor (someone that pays £100 a month or more ) your ticket’s will go on sale Friday 11th Feb 9am at HQ. You can have 4 tickets plus your 2 free complementary ones.

If you pay £2 per month - those go on sale Wednesday 15th Feb 4pm @ No5 Bistro you can have 4 tickets per direct debit payer.

And left over will be Friday 17th again from 9 at HQ!

All tables will seat 12 and we will do our very best to get you sat with who you chose

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