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Lashes HQ !! How exciting is this !

We are thrilled to announce that we have secured a retail outlet in Forest Town to rent and we will be launching Lashes HQ in September !

Lashes HQ will be selling High Quality re-loved donated goods, Lashes Merchandise and will also be the central hive of activity for Lashes. (we can now free Emma and Lee's home as the main collection point which was busier than a Hermes warehouse..! )

We are always asked how you we support you ? and this is something that will help us with sustainable income plus everyone who has something (clothes, electrical, gifts etc) that they no longer use can help us by donating it.

The Lashes HQ will be led by the lovely Bev Cheesmond who has joined the team on fundraising and It will be manned by Lashes Volunteers, Ambassadors plus we will also supporting young adults in gaining valuable work experience which is brilliant

Full opening details and opening hours to be announced..Watch this space.

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