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Update from HQ..

Firstly, thank you for the continued support. We are continually over whelmed by everyones support in fundraising, donations, buying merchandise and just supporting what we do to keep Evie's legacy alive in the community. Thank you so much. A quick update on some of the people we have been able to help recently.

Helping someone though very tough times

How tough is this ? Losing your Husband unexpectedly in an accident then a few weeks later your young son losing his battle with a rare form of cancer... Thats something none of us want to ever happen to us. Lashes have been able able to provide a short break for Sammy and Leah to recharge to then take on the future.

Urgent counselling for a 12 year old

We have provided urgent counselling for a local young boy who is finding life really really tough. We hope we can support him by getting professional help quickly to start to feel positive and start enjoying life and everything he has to offer in life

On the road to a new life

After being in a safe house and in a refuge for a few years to flea domestic abuse, we have been able to provide a grant to a lady and her children to start a new life (literally) in a new area locally hopefully free from any future harm and to feel safe again

Help with the basics we all can take for granted

We know life is tough and getting tougher for lots of us. Whilst a family are waiting for a payment of universal credit, they were unable to provide food for the children. So we will take them shopping this week to get the basics for them to be able to see them though the next few weeks and ensure the children have a healthy meal

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