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Welcome to Lashes Foundation

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Welcome to Lashes Foundation.

Lashes was created in memory of Evie Wilson. Evie was just 13, when we lost her in July 2021.

Evie loved to help and support others; in her memory we've created Lashes in the hope to carry on Evie's kindness and help those who may need it.

Last night the trustees were all confirmed, they agreed the charitable objectives, and also signed the legal trust deed ! How exciting !

We are now taking the next steps of completing and submitting our application to the charities commissions for full charitable status which will take a little time (as we have to complete a form to submit a form to submit another form.. you know how it is) - but we are up and running !

The trustees are all honoured to be part of the foundation and fully committed to their roles - a bit about them on the attached photos.

Thanks again for the incredible support. You are all brill...

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